Le Chic Gothic

Le Chic GothicThe latest collection from Sebastian International’s Robert Lobetta, Le Chic Gothic, channels a darker, more dreamlike interpretation of beauty.

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Ensconced within the stone walls and stained-glass windows of The Abbey, an early 20th century residence in Pasadena, California, Le Chic Gothic embodies a plane where fantasy and reality collide, yesterday fuses with tomorrow, and the unseen is tangible. Here, apparitional beauties underscore a new type of aesthetic: a darkly romantic sensibility that reinterprets the classic bob for a modern audience.

“The bob will never die, but it will never be the same, either,” summarizes Lobetta, Sebastian Professional’s worldwide creative director. “The cuts are gently curved, with long strands of hair left to billow about the face, revealing yet another metamorphosis of the sharp geometric shapes of the ’60s.” As a result, Lobetta’s styles are obliquely linear and restlessly active, epitomizing the mysteriously picturesque and chic gothic ethos.

Le Chic Gothic

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