Guest Blogger Betsy Reyes: "Long work days...I do this, cause I love this..."

I get asked a lot about how I am able to manage a heavy work load. I think the fact that I love what I do, and that I am happy where I am at, make these long hours not seem so long. The people I work with also make it more enjoyable. I have been at a job that was only 8 hour days that seemed like 20 hour work days. The money was AMAZING, but I wasn't happy... So I left. Its really
important to be happy...

But just because I love my job doesn't mean I don't have off days..... or weeks. Last week was a tough one... Long hours... I feel dehydrated, older, and exhausted... And that's how fabulous my life really isn't. HaHa. I put more hours in of a TWO full-time normal work weeks... It pains me to do the math.

Its great that all these hours are not on our feet... But mentally its hard to keep the morale. People are sick, schedules are changing. I wake up crawl out of bed come home and crawl right into bed. The actors usually don't have as long of days... But when they do its hard to
keep there hair looking great all day. And let's face it, even with the greatest hair and makeup, you can't cover exhaustion. But this
Gossip Girl cast is young and it makes our job a lot easier :)

I ended last week with a massage and lots of sleep, prepping for the freezing temperatures of this week. We will be shooting on locations throughout Manhattan and shooting some exterior shots in the cold streets.

Stay warm!

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