Hair Trends: Spring Trends for Color, Cut and Style

Above Photo: Lucie Doughty

As we say goodbye to the winter blues and get reacquainted with cheery spring, we see things differently now, and well… we are downright tickled pink about it! The Spring 2013 runways reflected this styling ‘Spring Cleaning’ in two ways: the deep-sided part and the glossy sheen.

Styling Trend: Shiny Happy People

To get into the gloss, you can go sleek and sophisticated to call attention to a more angular cut’s shape OR (as in at designer Ella Costa’s show), you can use a gloss to slick a fringe to add interest to a Girl-Next-Door long hairstyle.

For this look, turn to Paul Mitchell’s Slick Works, a lightweight wax for sleek, shine and texture. Section the desired part of the fringe, apply Slick Works liberally, and comb through to lay flat and tight to the head.

Styling Trend: Divide & Conquer with the deep side part

A parting of the ways of old switches “eh…been there, done that” hair to “who cuts your hair – give me the number!”

The deep side part emotes pure confidence. This season went headlong into the side part on the runways, most notably at Jason Wu. Whether it is with a gloss finish or a natural, weekend ponytail, the deep side part makes a statement.

To achieve the look, find your client’s natural part and GO DEEP! Check out her face shape and find the higher side. Use that as your guide to reveal a fresh new face for the season.

As you break through the part barrier, reach for either a spray to keep the look dry such as Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight hairspray, or a wet glossy product such as Paul Mitchell’s Slick Works.

[Image: Lanvin]


The Look: Living on the Fringe of Society

Inspiration: Lanvin Paris Runway – Spring 2013

To be blunt, fringe is once again edging its way back into our radar for a seductive spring. Running the gamut from a demure, side-swept tease to a rockeresque Joan Jett spiky assault, there is a bang for every look and length.

We can use fringe as somewhat of a picture frame for the face to help clients enhance unique facial features or even a particular inspirational style. For instance, the full 60s bang to play up a great pair of eyes or showcase a strong embrace of spring’s eyeliner and exaggerated lash trend; whereas a shorter fringe can act as a billboard to advertise strong cheekbones and an expressive demeanor.

Consult your client to get a feel on their ‘fringe commitment’ as well to agree on a suitable length that will show off their best features while fitting their lifestyle.

If it is time for them to live on the fringe then it is an easy way for them to feel “new” for the spring (plus… you’ll see them more often for fringe trims!)

[Images: Jason Wu Studio]

Spring/Summer 2013 Hair Trends

Spring is the time for change. It’s the season when we step out of our cozy shells, and try something fresh and new. In other words, it’s time for a spring-fling. Tease this new season with some creative looks for your clients that won’t require a full-term commitment. (Your salon guests will think you’re the bees-knees!)

Fresh off the Oscar De La Renta runway were brightly colored pieces that lit up the hair. Upswept ‘dos were delicately shaped to showcase harmonious woven bursts of singular colored strands or wefts in neon blue, pink and yellow.

To create this look, you will need four brightly colored wefts. The key is to make them look as if they are a natural extension of the hair. Place one about one inch from the front hair line. Place the second one at the top of the head, just before the crown. Then place one on either side of the head. Style hair back into a soft, high crown upsweep, and secure in the back.

Invest in a few sets of wefts, and custom blend your color. You can then market this to your clients as a exciting way to change up their look for the season. It’s a short-term commitment on their part, which can translate to a little extra spending cash for you!

Or if you want to color your guests hair, pre-lighten the hair in the areas to suit the style. Once pre-lightened, use a semi-permanent fashion hair color to achieve your desired results. I like INKWORKS by Paul Mitchell. To achieve a pastel hue, shades can be diluted using the Clear INKWORKS. -Lucie Doughty

[Image: Oscar de La Renta]

[Images courtesy of Lucie Doughty]


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