Awapuhi Me!

Mona Maleki, me (senior associate editor Alyson Osterman) and Christopher Enlow

I know we’ve discussed the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger treatment in our blog-space before, but to reiterate: It’s incredible! Although I was initially a bit reluctant to have the ultra-nourishing treatment done since I have the Keratin Complex smoothing therapy in my hair (which I didn’t want to adversely affect), my worries were for naught. Since Paul Mitchell’s latest endeavor is sulfate-free, I was completely safe getting the treatment done, and believe me—braving the Friday traffic to Beverly Hills was so worth it! Angus M salon’s Mona Maleki gave me one of the most relaxing at-the-bowl experiences I’ve ever had courtesy of various keratin-fueled Awapuhi elixirs, which left my hair looking super-healthy with megawatt shine after only twenty minutes! To boot, stylist Christopher Enlow blew-out my hair just the way I liked it—smooth with plenty of volume. Although I had no real plans Friday night, I ended up running a few more errands than expected merely to show off my strands (I couldn’t help it!).
The ability to dramatically increase the health and sheen of a client’s hair in twenty minutes? Unbelievable! Plus, results last for weeks!
Now if I only had Christopher’s knack with a round brush to replicate the look he’s given me…sigh….but one can dream, right?

Loving my post-Awapuhi-treated hair and style!

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