Going Editorial with Oribe

Stylists surround Oribe as he demos the current trends.


Pick up any fashion magazine, and you're sure to see Oribe's name in the credits. The man is a hair genius, and many a beauty editor the world over knows it. What's fabulous about this particular genius is that he doens't hold his success behind some locked door; he loves to share his know-how, his experiences, his techniques. Which is why he and his team started the Oribe Hair Care Artist Atelier, an intimate, two-day educational event that allows stylists to get up-close-and-personal with Oribe, and practice hands-on what he demos.


A model sports the androgynous look.


To truly evoke an editorial experience, the atelier was held at Canoe Studios in Manhattan—a place where fashion and beauty photo shoots snap daily. Accompanied by team members Judy Erickson and Tom Gallagher, Oribe walked stylists through how to re-create some of his most recent work (Remember that September 2010 Vogue cover featured a chicly-bobbed Halle Berry? Oribe did it.), as well as touch upon current trends like androgyny and what he calls "new glamour." He invited stylists to come right up to his chair as he worked, and, in true Oribe style, answered each and every question thrown his way. "The sessions were amazing," says Oribe. "Everyone delivered incredible hair, pushed the boundaries of our art and had a great time. It is an honor to be surrounded by such passionate stylists; it keeps me inspired every day."

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