Our Future Beauty-Makers: Empire's Future Professionals Expo



Sometimes when you've been in a vocation for a number of years, you forget about the excitement of just starting out—how you're ready to tackle the world and soar to the top.


I got to fuel up on this feeling when I was asked to be a judge for the Make-up Storyboard portion of Empire Education Group's annual Future Professionals Expo, held in Hershey, PA. Students, who earned a spot to attend by winning contests at their local schools, gathered from all over the U.S. to compete and learn, and to say that the passion and energy was palpable would be an understatement; the student's enthusiasm for the beauty industry literally can mow you over. (A little intel: During the hour-long live Long Hair Evening Design, Female Trend Cut & Style with Color and Artistic Braided Design competitions, the cheering reached such high decibles, the earplugs we were provided did little to save this editor's horrible hearing!)




We were also treated to a platform presentation by industry icon Nick Arrojo, who has partnered with Empire to launch the Masters of Beauty program (check out our video on this great opportunity). The event completely invigorated my love for the beauty industry, and to see the students put their souls into their work was awe-inspiring. And, more importantly, the event proved that there is so much promise in beauty's future. “There is no question that these students have the talent and dedication necessary to succeed in their chosen fields, and we expect all of them to have their pick of fabulous job opportunities when they graduate from an Empire Education Group cosmetology school,” beamed Franklin K. Schoeneman, chairman & CEO, Empire Education Group.




The feeling was mutual amongst the judges: It was tough placing one student above another. While all competitors deserve kudos for "bringing it" to their cateogries, here are the students that placed first after a ton of deliberation!


Long Hair Evening Design: Lindsay Krug, Empire Beauty School, Hanover, PA

Female Trend Cut & Style with Color: Milagros Rodrigues, Empire Beauty School, Northeastern, PA

Make-up Storyboard: Bao Thao, Empire Beauty School, Milwaukee

Men’s Cut, Color & Style Storyboard: Bobbie Jo Lorenzetti, Empire Beauty School, Lehigh Valley, PA

Artistic Braided Design: Crystal Grate, Empire Beauty School, Pottsville, PA

Nail Art Display: Tiffany Manning, Empire Beauty School, Gwinnette, GA

Empire Education Group’s 2010 National Future Professional of the Year: Tiffany Powell, Empire Beauty School, Bloomington, MN
Empire Education Group 2010 National Educator of the Year: Michaele Schaeffer, Empire Beauty School in Exton, PA

1st Place Total Team: Pottsville, PA


Congrats! —Karie L. Frost

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