Fight Aging With Zero Trauma


Throughout past generations, our ancestors have always looked for ways to enhance their looks using many natural and artificial remedies. The science of anti-aging has always been on the forefront of human endeavor; however, fundamental research and understanding of the aging process is relatively new. Consumer demand has led to a growing need in this multibillion dollar market, which has prompted scientists and business developers to further explore it. Many products, procedures and devices have recently flooded the market to fulfill the consumer demand. The modern medicine investment in product and procedure development has surpassed anyone’s expectation. One of the recent areas of product development is to utilize the body’s natural inflammatory response to fight the appearance of aging. Several new products are designed to take advantage of body’s own healing function by purposefully creating a controlled level of trauma to cause inflammation and ultimately stimulate the production of collagen. Aging can be reduced without creating trauma by stimulating the body’s systems to get rid of toxins, remove blockages, increase blood flow and increase fibroblast production—all this without inducing trauma or inflammation.

The Human Body

The human body is the greatest and the most perfect system hat is well equipped with all the tools to address impending needs. Finding the secret passage to the fountain of youth requires a great deal of understanding of how the body works and how we can help the body remove micro-blocked organisms so that it can reclaim its own health and create and regenerate healthy cell turnover.

The human body is capable of summoning and utilizing its own: defense mechanisms, reproduction, nutritional craving, diagnostics, and ultimately has a full pharmacy on board to generate the enzymes, balancing antidotes and healing chemicals it needs. This magnificent system is so in sync with nature that the most minute modification or deviation from the natural path will throw it into total chaos, which we call imbalance, sickness or the absence of health. As science and technology expand our knowledge about the proper function of the body, the importance of living in a healthy environment becomes more apparent. Proper nutrition in an environmentally pleasant surrounding with clean air and water supply along with a safe shelter and low stress lifestyle, all empower a state of healthy being for us to enjoy living a long, prosperous and joyful life.

However, extrinsic factors are plentiful and directly affect the status of human health as the body reacts to outside influences by being subjected to stress, commitment, exhaustion, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.

The Lymphatic System

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The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage mechanism for collection and disposal of unwanted waste products. As a part of the circulatory system and a vital component of our immune system, the lymphatic system is comprised of a network of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph.

So, what is lymph? A colorless fluid that contains white blood cells, lymph helps rid the body of toxins, foreign materials and bacteria. It removes excess water as it transports proteins back into blood, while absorbing fat from the intestines to be delivered to the liver. This pumpless system depends solely on body’s natural rhythm to directionally move waste, excess fluids and other unwanted materials toward the heart. Our cells depend on the lymphatic system to deliver food and nutrients and remove waste.

The cells congregate and live in areas called capillary lakes, where nourishment comes in from the afferent gate and waste products are taken away by the efferent gate. In an event where this systematic process is interrupted by means of an intruder to the natural system, the capillary lake becomes polluted and the cells are put in despair.


The body’s first step in fighting back injury is presented in a form of inflammation. For example, in the case of a simple cut or scratch, the body:

  • Restricts the flow of blood,
  • Constricts the capillaries to reduce bleeding,
  • Clogs the area,
  • Cleans the area with blood cells, and
  • Stimulates the production of fibroblasts in the cell to produce collagen and elastin fibers to heal the wound.
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One can assume it takes about three weeks for inflammation to subside and about three to six weeks for the body to completely heal. If the toxins are not removed, however, the extra contaminant buildup will turn the capillary lake into a swamp, leading the cells to die and causing permanent damage, scarring and long-term inflammation.

Inflammation can be caused by a seemingly countless number of sources. It can be caused by ultraviolet exposure, diet and contact with ingredients found in everyday household products and skin care. Constant inflammation in the body burdens the immune system, allowing it less time to repair and heal. This constant inflammation is not only a precursor to disease, but also becomes the root of premature and long term aging of the skin. Just as there are a number of causes of inflammation, there are also a number of ways to reduce inflammation.

Electricity and Anti-Aging

An adopted method in helping the body heal itself originates from ancient Greece, where they used electric eels to promote healing of gout and reduce joint pain. Further research performed by doctors and scientists in the last 100 years revealed that small amounts of current helps maintain normal cell behavior by facilitating iontophoresis—balancing sodium, potassium and chlorine ions in the cell. It was also found to assist moving nutrients into and toxins out of the cell. These findings continue to show that small doses of electrical current help rebuild skin integrity and strengthen muscle fibers.

Shortly after the realization, microcurrent devices were designed to deliver small amount of current under 1,000 micro amperes with different frequency selection settings to allow one to manipulate different tissues. The use of microcurrent can be regarded as an auxiliary circuit to the natural brain-nervous system that is also based on an electrical stimulation network. This auxiliary “spare” system serves locally to replenish the lost messages that are failed to be delivered due to natural aging. The added electrotherapy helps alleviate pressure and frictional buildup removes blockages by allowing the body to re-establish ionic exchange, thus promoting homeostasis. Studies have shown that microcurrent increases fibroblast production, while simultaneously toning the muscle and regaining skin integrity.

Proper microcurrent movement can help release the fascia, drain excess lymphatic fluid, rebuild muscle tissue and increase action potential. By increasing the blood flow, nutrients and oxygen help increase the body’s natural production of adenosine triphosphate.

This reproduction of collagen is different than what is proposed through controlled trauma application. The fibroblast created by microcurrent is conducted through a natural process, whereas other processes uses what is saved in the body’s eservoir for an emergency.

Safely Reduce Age

Microcurrent offers sustainable results without damaging or invading the dermal layer and results in facial contouring. The continued use of microcurrent reduces the signs of stress and fatigue by increasing the body’s own healing ability, resulting in total health.

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Tina Abnoosi is the CEO of TAMA Research. She has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and more than 27 years of experience as a leading designer of electromagnetic components. Abnoosi has 10 years of experience with microcurrent treatment techniques and leads TAMA’s hands-on training classes.

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