Hair Color How To: Rose-Gold Pearl by Olesia Vabishchevich

Stylist Olesia Vabishchevich recently took her client from basic blonde to this beautiful, rose-gold shade. Bright, rich violet softly fades to a peachy, blonde hue for a pearly, iridescent effect that is simply stunning. Below, Olesia shares her formula for re-creating this gorgeous hair color.


Get the Look:
Says Olesia, "To achieve this look, my formula on the roots was Paul Mitchell Shines XG 1 oz. of 6V with 0.5 oz. of 7RV with 10 volume cream developer 2.25 oz. The mixing ration for Shines XG is 1:1.5

"I hand-painted [the root formula] about 2 inches down using the side of my brush to make it into a seamless transition.

"[For the remaining] color, the formula was Paul Mitchell Shines XG 1.5 oz. of 9V with 0.5 oz with 10PN and 3 oz. of 10 Shines XG cream developer. The timing was 25 minutes."

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[Images courtesy of Olesia Vabishchevich]

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