Cosmoprof North America Announces Launch of "Discover Scent" Program

Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) has announced the launch of its first-ever "Discover Scent" program. The program is presented in cooperation with Sniffapalooza, an organization that brings together fragrance aficionados and industry heavyweights from around the world.

Inspired by close to a decade of success with its exclusive Discover Beauty program, which facilitates one-on-one introductions of innovative beauty brands to forward-thinking retailers, CPNA aims to capitalize on the
growing fragrance market by providing emerging fragrance brands with a dedicated outlet to showcase directly to major distributors, retailers and luxury spas and salons as a potentially new channel for market growth. Like its Discover Beauty counterpart, Discover Scent participants will be carefully curated by the CPNA and Sniffapalooza teams.

“There is no other event in the US that can give up-and-coming fragrance brands the world-class exposure and opportunities that CPNA does,” said Daniela Ciocan, Marketing Director, CPNA. Ciocan is also the brainchild behind the launch of the Discover Beauty platform. “Recognized as a premier international event, CPNA draws in top industry players across all industry sectors providing incredible value and exposure to exhibitors. For Discover Scent participants this means exclusive access and visibility of the highest caliber.”

The Discover Scent program is open to new and limited-footprint fragrance brands offering personal or home fragrance products within the U.S. Participants will reap all of the benefits associated with Cosmoprof including perks exclusive to the program, such as access to the show’s VIP & Media events.

Sniffapalooza was selected as the preferred partner with which to co-launch Discover Scent due to its extensive Rolodex of fragrance industry insiders and the success created by its founder, Karen Dubin. Dubin received the coveted Great Idea Award for Fragrance Innovation from Cosmetic Executive Women and International Flavors & Fragrances in 2013. The organization, which launched in 2002 and hosts fragrance-driven events for its members, such as brand previews and workshops, partnered with Karen Adams in 2004. The collaboration between Dubin and Adams has extended Sniffapalooza’s network and influence within the industry over the past decade and is still growing. Members include brand owners, consumers, perfumers, fragrance houses, fragrance journalists, authors, and celebrities, while world-renowned perfumers Yosh Han and Lorenzo Villoresi have created bespoke fragrances in honor of the organization.

“Sniffapalooza is thrilled to be collaborating with Cosmoprof this year because this show represents everything we love and promote in the beauty and fragrance industries: creativity, innovation and education,” said Dubin. "We’re particularly excited to be curating Discover Scent and giving opportunities to twelve stellar brands to shine and show what makes them special and unique. It's all about sharing our passion!"

Additionally, CPNA has partnered with Air Aroma, a scent design and branding agency specializing in ambient
scenting, to create a custom Cosmoprof signature fragrance for the event. “Scent is what’s next in sensory branding for companies that wish to connect with customers and form memorable brand experiences,” said Lori Smith, Creative Director, Air Aroma. “We’re so excited to create a one-of-a-kind fragrance and to associate with the Cosmoprof North America show.”

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