Eufora Salon Owners’ Network Announces “A Year of Transformation”

The salon team can be an owner’s greatest asset or worst nightmare. A strong team is pivotal to a salon’s success, which is why Eufora has chosen the theme “A year of transformation and inspiration - Create a salon dream team” for the 2015 Eufora Salon Owners’ Network (ESON).

in creation of their dream team by the end of 2015. The steps are:

Building Your Brand (January 12, 2015): Confident leaders communicate their brand identity with clarity and conviction. This meeting focuses on salon messaging, what’s involved, where the salon is now and where the salon owner wants to go.

Building Your Team (April 13, 2015): Now that the salon owner has defined their brand, the second quarter focuses on creating that dream team. Agenda will include how to assess the potential of current team members, how to put them on a path to success, and how to effectively identity and recruit new talent.

Training Your Team (July 13, 2015): After hiring the ideal team, it is important that team members are immersed in the salon culture. This quarter ESON will explore the necessary protocols to ensure new hires understand, and can execute, the salon owner’s vision.

Team Retention (October 19, 2015): The dream team is in place, and the salon is running optimally, but now is not the time to relax. It is critical that passionate and talented team members feel appreciated, inspired and challenged, as well as have access to ongoing programs that keep them engaged.

Since Eufora’s inception, education has been a driving force of the business, ensuring stylists and salon owners not only receive technical education, but also the business education they need to be successful. This years’ ESON curriculum is another example of Eufora’s leadership in groundbreaking programs, creating a productive forum for salon owners to come together to discuss continuing education, as well as key salon challenges and opportunities.

[Image courtesy of Eufora]

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