Holiday Hair How To: Skyscraper Up-Do by Terrence Michael Renk

Inspire your client to go all-out at this season! This fun, festive up-do from Creative Director for ProRituals and Marilyn Brush, Terrence Michael Renk, is perfect for any holiday party, or New Year's bash. Below, Renk shares the steps he took to create the look.

Get the Look:

Before: 1. Begin by sectioning the hair into three sections.
2. Set hair with ProRituals Mega Hold Hairspray and set with a round brush.
3. Transfer each round brush set section onto a plastic roller and pin.
4. Once set is complete, lightly spray with ProRituals Light Play Hairspray and place under the dryer for a few minutes.
5. Remove rollers from bottom three sections and secure using elevation with an elastic band.
6. Remove rollers from mid section and lightly backcomb working towards the crown to give style support.
7. Secure the mid section with an elastic band and pin secure with a few bobby pins.
8. Divide the ponytail section into fours. Lightly back-comb, spray and smooth the top layer. Wrap a section of hair around two fingers and pull hair through to create a loose knot. Secure with bobby pins.
9. Continue creating knots in a mohawk section, working towards the bottom and secure with bobby pins at the base. Hairpins on the surface with help control the shape.
10. Take the rollers out of the last section one at a time. Wrap the first roller section around the base of the mohawk section and secure it with pins.
11. Back-comb the last section until it look light and airy. Apply ProRituals Mega Hold Hairspray.
12. Form the last section over the top of the knots and shape loosely. Finalize with ProRituals Mega Hold Hairspray.

The final look: [Images courtesy of West PR]

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