Holiday Hair How To: Half-Back Hairstyle by Lea Journo

For clients in need of a quick but beautiful holiday hairstyle, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Lea Journo Salon in Beverly Hills, Lea Journo, shares her tips for creating this half-back look that's perfect for any festive celebration. This style is ideal for anyone with medium to long length hair.

Get the Look:
1. Spray dry shampoo all over hair to remove any grease.

2. Part 3 inches of hair, middle or side, whichever is your preference.

3. Tease hair at the crown of the head and smooth over with a flat brush and pin hair down (adjust the volume of the pump as desired).

4. Take one side of the hair and begin to twist hair to opposite ear, securing the hair with a back and forth motion of a bobby pin.

5. With remaining hair, part in 3 sections and curl with curling iron (do not open curl).

6. Finalize look with hairspray to keep the hold.


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[Image courtesy of Love PR]

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