Portfolio: The Androgynous Collection by Alan Benfield Bush

Alan Benfield Bush recently released his new Androgynous Collection with Cutoloring Hair Designs. "Cutoloring" is an innovative creative technique developed by Benfield Bush that allows the stylist to work with haircuts and hair color simultaneously. This condensed technique allows for more coverage in less time - the cut is the design; color is added to enhance and flatter.

The Androgynous Collecion
One design from the Androgynous Collection, featured here, was named "Shim" at the salon consultation with the model, Sonia. Benfield Bush used his trademark condensed cutting, as well as scissor over comb techniques to create the look. The beauty of this androgynous "Shim" haircut and hair color design is the versatile hairstyle options. The Shim haircut can be worn as a clean, one length look or flat to the head for a more conservative style. In addition, glamorous, curly texture and movement can be added to create a sophisticated up-style. Sonia can also wear the "Shim" haircut spikey for a night of wild abandonment.

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Hair, Makeup & Photography Credits: The Method Alliance Team
Concept, Haircut, and Hair Color: Alan Benfield Bush
Visual Graphics: Edward Teitel
Photography: Shea Anne
Makeup Artist and Model: Sonia Velasco

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