Beauty News: Nuts and Bolts Training To Host Webinar on Effects of Gainful Employment Legislation

Fears over the potentially damaging effects of the proposed Gainful Employment legislation have spurred the US's leading provider of vocational education programs to set up a free webinar to spread the word and rally support against the plans.

The webinar, hosted by Nuts and Bolts Training, takes place on November 12, 11 AM PST and will look at the likely fallout from the changes, intended as a way of ensuring federal funding for higher education is spent on programs that produce professionals capable of making a living in their chosen field.

First proposed in 2010, Gainful Employment has attracted widespread condemnation, with critics warning that the criteria under which colleges and programs are deemed to pass or fail the requirements for continued federal support bear little relation to the real-life improvements they can bring to students. They argue that its effects will be counter to those intended, forcing many programs to close and denying millions of students access to post-secondary educational opportunities over the coming decade.

Nuts and Bolts is among those who have spoken out against Gainful Employment, warning that the beauty industry will be hit particularly hard, with a drastic cut in the number of new recruits to the cosmetology professions.

Rich Hansberger, Vice-President, Curriculum and Business Development, for Nuts and Bolts, said, "Time is running out, and it's important that as many people as possible in the health and beauty industry realize just what this legislation will mean for the long-term health of the industry. As the proposals stand, the way colleges pass or fail the test for continued funding is arbitrary and unfair, and could mean the end for some excellent programs that provide a first-class start to a successful and rewarding career. The idea behind the legislation is sound, but in its current form it will end up starving the industry of new talent. It's vital that we get together as an industry to fight for change to the ruling, and I urge anyone who supports that fight to sign up for our webinar on November 12."

To register for the Nuts & Bolts Gainful Employment webinar at 11 AM PST on November 12, go to

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