Beautiful Melting Into Fall Hair Color

Fall just might be the most inspirational season for colorists, so just melt right into it with this beautiful fall color formula from Rosa Hawkins, owner of Di Rosa Haircare New York.

Melting into Fall

Background: 30 ml. Goldwell Topchic 5bg and 10 ml. Goldwell Topchic 4g

With 20 Volume.

Detail A: 35 ml. Goldwell Silk Lift 20 Volume and 1 scoop Goldwell Silk Lift Strong

Detail B: 20 ml. 4bv Goldwell Nectaya with 20 Volume

Detail C: 20 ml 3vv Goldwell Nectaya and 20 Volume

Detail D: Elumen GK@All

·       Starting over left eye in top of the crown, create 2 triangles, one in front and one on crown corners touching.

·       Apply background to everything around the triangles.

·       Alternate Details in this order -  AA,B,CCABBAA tapping in background at the base and process for 30 minutes.

·       Shampoo, towel dry and apply Detail D for 20 minutes.

[Hair: Rosa Hawkins; Photographer: Greg Swales]

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