North to South: Two Stylists, Two Looks

Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA; and Lori Panarello, owner of I.d salon (New York, NY;, rocked some pretty cool looks for KMS California at the Worlds Fair Hair in Austin, Texas, but the most amazing thing about this pair is their 18-year friendship.
“We’ve worked together as educators for over 18 years now, we started out with Sebastian, both left there and became members of the KMS California Artistic Team 4 years ago," says Rooks. "We also both opened our salons the same year in 2003 and are both Geminis. We have joked over the years about being the North and South version of one another."
“Joi and I first met 20 years ago while we were both on the artistic team for Sebastian Professional. We became immediate friends and have worked together in the industry ever since," adds Panarello. "She is definitely the South to my North. We have similar taste in almost everything we do. I truly made a friend for life!”

Their friendship was born out of being a part of a creative team – the perfect outlet to share new ideas, support creative visions, collaborate on education and discuss goals and aspirations. They knew instantly that they were "like-minded" and have grown and learned from each other since the day they met.
“The biggest difference between us is I'm southern and she's northern. Lori has taught me how to say 'butta' and 'sweata' and I've taught her some southern phrases that she has quoted often throughout the years! So you could say we are yin and yang to one another; a great combo to learn from each other, offer guidance both professionally and personally. I couldn't imagine going on this crazy journey without her,” adds Rooks.

The Looks

Look 1:
Panarello: "By bringing the length up and adding a fringe, I already started to change the model’s look. I added internal layers to give movement and shape, and of course amazing color. [I] started with KMS California SILK SHEEN Shampoo, added SILK SHEEN Lotion to dry and finished with KMS California FREE SHAPE Dry Flex 2-in-1 styling and finishing spray."

Look 2:
Rooks: "My model came in with dirty blonde, shaggy layered flat hair and I instantly thought she would look great with a darker color to bring out her green eyes. I used Goldwell Colorance 4B and 5BV as her base. [I] created V-sections on the side panels using Goldwell Blonding Cream and 40 volume to lift them on tone. Then, I applied Goldwell Elumen Hair Color VV @ all over the whole thing. For the cut, [I took] diagonal forward sections at the nape and cut at a 45 degree angle through back. Side sections were vertical partings at a 45 degree angel to create some slices and spaces to slightly disconnect. The big change happened with her bangs - I took them short over one eye to slightly longer on the opposite side by pointing cutting in the line. Texture and volume were added by taking a horizontal slice through the crown and lifting to 90 degrees vertical and back cutting with the tip of the blade."

[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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