Backstage Beauty: Mirabella Beauty Fall 2014

Mirabella Beauty walked the runway at several Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows for the fall/winter 2014 season, with stunning looks sweeping each catwalk.

derneath the brows to create a canvas for the dots that echo Himalayan patterns. She used the Magic Marker for the dots. Red lipstick was brushed into the models' eyebrows and their skin was given a beautiful all over clean look using Skin Tint Creme and concealer with Perfecting Powder.


me to achieve a beautiful allover glow and evenness. "For me, Mirabella is all about beautiful skin," said Cook. The look was kept simple save for a triangle rainbow spectrum painted onto the models' cheeks. Cook used tape to section off the skin and then painted lipstick colors and blended to create a beautiful rainbow spectrum. The opening look for the show was a model who had acrylic covering her face—the only model not with the rainbow triangle on her cheek.


ips. Hawkins boxed out the eye using concealer several shades darker than models' skin and then covered the area in gloss for shine. He also went for a nude lip with a heavy gloss.


n the runway. He went with matte skin with nuded out lips; the artists used Skin Tint Creme to even our models' skin and also brushed it onto lips to achieve the same tone on the lips. Using the Eye Definer in Smoke, he created bold, dark eyes and then used a brush to soften the edges.



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