Behind the Scenes at New York Fashion Week with Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden stole the spotlight behind the scenes at Erin Fetherston’s New York Fashion Week show, where preppy chic ruled. Celebrity stylist Brian C. Hawkins and his talented team used Olivia Garden’s best-selling Divine Wet Detangler DV-1, NanoThermic Thermal and NanoThermic Paddle brushes to create the sleek, polished looks that rocked the runway.
The Divine brush’s ergonomic design fits perfectly in the palm of the hand giving stylists full control while reducing stress on the wrist and hand. Divine has a unibody which means that the brush is entirely made of one piece and is completely seamless, eliminating the risk of tugging, pulling or snagging. Each Divine brush boasts a gorgeous, super glossy gold color and are anti-static and lightweight with a comfortable soft cushion. The brushes are gentle on the hair and scalp, ideal for all hair types. Divine Wet Detangler (DV-1) features Special Memory-Flex™ bristles and comfortable ball-point tips to gently and easily detangle wet hair.
The NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Styler series combines the latest technologies to create this unique collection of hair brushes. Each brush features Nano-Silver technology which provides anti-bacterial protection leaving hair healthier and easier to style, and Tourmaline Ion technology which helps to hydrate the hair cuticle, adding more shine to hair, while eliminating frizz and fly-aways.

  [Images courtesy of J9PR]

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