Treasure and Jade: The "New Order" Collection by Mijun

Based in Germany, the Mijun Artistic Team is comprised of platform artists from Brazil, Australia, Greece, Germany, Austria, Finland and Croatia. Mijun-Partner in Education is also an agency for full-time and freelance trainers, international top acts as well as a substantial network of creative partners. Aside from conducting seminars, shows and events within the beauty industry, Mijun also produces its own collections. Their latest, New Order, pays homage to the traditional and futuristic influences of the Far East and the opulence of Russia. The collection was inspired by two major themes, Moscow Treasure and Tokyo Jade, which is evident in the luxe use of color, bold shapes and dramatic feel prevalent throughout the collection.

Participants: Iggy Popovic from Croatia, Henrik Sippo from Finland, Chris Paralikidis from Germany, Dimi Zafiroudis from Germany, and Michael Jung from Austria.

Photography: Mare Milin

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