Celeb Colorist Michael Canalé's Fall Hair Color Refresh Tips

It's officially fall – a time where the color scheme in our world changes completely. From the leaves to the hair on top of our very own heads, it's undoubtedly one of the most color-rich times of the year. Celebrity Colorist Michael Canalé, the man behind some of the most iconic hair in Hollywood (including Jennifer Aniston since the beginning of her career on “Friends”) has personalized tips for how to perfect and freshen your client's hue for the season ahead.  


De-Chunkify: Replace any chunky, over-bleached blonde highlights with ones that are subtle and frame the face. To add dimension and enhance a look in a natural way, opt for paper-thin highlights.

Go for the Gold: Add a golden gloss to deepen blonde tones that have been over-exposed to sunlight, and to give the hair a warm, healthy glow.


Amp Up The Elegance: Use a colored glaze that's close to the natural hair color to tone down any sun-lightened strands without actually using dye, which gives hair healthy looking dimension and shine for optimal sophistication.

Add Ribbons of Red: Mix in subtle red or auburn highlights to add a polished and satiny glow to the hair. This will also help pick up warm tones in the skin, keeping it from looking pasty.


Ride the Crimson Tide: Add a dark auburn-orange gloss to intensify red hair that's been lightened by the summer sun.  Wear hair with a slight wave, and the shadows will give the illusion of highlights and lowlights.

Shampoo Safely: Known as the hardest hair color to maintain, redheads should wait at least two days between washing and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain bright locks year-round.

[Image: iStock/Thinkstock]

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