Emmys 2013 Hairstyles: Michelle Dockery How-To

Charles Carson, Butler: "Hard work and diligence weigh more than beauty in the real world."

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess: "If only that were true."

Well, we think hard work, diligence AND beauty count for a lot when it comes to the Emmys red carpet—and Michelle Dockery was no exception. The Downton Abbey star was styled by Mara Roszak and her hair, a sleek bob, was as polished as any style we've seen. We tapped the young stylist about how she achieved the look.

"Michelle wore a custom-made Prada Gown for the 2013 Emmy awards," Roszak says. "This dress is the epitome of modern glamour. Its clean lines and jewel tones create a timeless and elegant statement. Inspired by Michelle's Prada gown, I wanted the hair to have a classic clean feel. The hair trends to come are effortless, yet polished styles—beautiful blowouts that are soft, touchable and have an element of natural ease."

"Creating a beautiful, touchable blow-out begins with a great moisturizing conditioner," she reveals, adding that she uses a mask prior to styling any big event. She prepped Dockery's hair with a lightweight cream to help smooth the hair while blowing it out. Next, a serum was applied to the ends: "Because the ends tend to be the driest, I always like to add a serum to help seal the ends for a healthy, shiny look," Roszak explains. "I then parted her hair deep to one side, and blew it dry with a small round brush, keeping volume and movement. The trick to maintaining volume is by starting at the top of the head, and working your way down." Once the hair was dry, Roszak finger-tousled a curling cream through the lengths. "This cream was used to tame any frizz, while adding a bit of definition to her hair," she says. "After that, I tucked her hair behind the ears for a more modern effect, maintaining a soft shape with the hair across her forehead." Next, Roszak applied a shine enhancer, "since shine is key on the red carpet," she says, adding: "Since I like just a mist of shine, I spray from a 1/2 arm's length away from the hair and allow the product to fall onto the hair." And last but not least: hairspray. "The final step for any look is hairspray to ensure the style lasts all though the night...and then some!"


[[Image: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage]]

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