Joico Turns Heads

Joico’s extensive brand transformation includes new product formulations, eleven next-generation stylers and a brand face lift. Learn more about the science behind the new products and find out why Joico will be turning heads in 2013! [pagebreak]

Joico's Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex lasts for up to 25 shampoos.

The power of DNA science and the latest advancements in bio-mimicry together unveil Joico’s patent-pending Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. Thirty years ago JOICO launched hydrolyzed keratin to repair and reconstruct damaged hair. A breakthrough at that time, it was the process of breaking keratin into small pieces to penetrate the hair shaft.  Since then, the brand’s unwavering commitment to research and development has yielded new, evolved forms of human hair keratin, including the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. Derived from the 2003 Human Genome Project, Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex creates a never-before-seen shield of protection and precisely imitates peptides to keep hair healthy.
The thirteen-year Human Genome Project coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health made it possible to understand the DNA structure of every part of the human body… including hair.  Joico’s scientists understood early on that in unearthing the DNA structure of hair the genome project could lead to a futuristic approach to hair reconstruction. Now able to see the exact structure of human hair, Joico’s scientists got to work on identifying which peptides get weakened and damaged thus leading Joico's formulators to engineer a highly functional and advanced peptide amino acid chain that replicates any portion of hair keratin.  JOICO’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex peptides replicate the exact amino acids in the exact order of the peptides that cause damage in hair.

“By mimicking the exact peptide chain needed to optimally repair and protect hair, Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex goes above and beyond the limits of human hair keratin–not only repairing the exact sites of damage, but also preventing future damage by creating a molecular shield of protection around the hair structure that lasts up to 25 shampoos,” explains Rushi Tasker, Director of Research & Development.
JOICO Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex is now featured in all JOICO shampoos, conditioners, treatments and the new stylers. While some keratin-based products can over-keratinize hair, the JOICO formula is carefully balanced and gives a soft, shiny and supple feel to the hair, in addition to longer-lasting reconstruction and increased strength and elasticity like no other keratin product today can do.  Hair becomes dramatically stronger and healthier, even after just one use. [pagebreak]
As part of JOICO’s brand reinvention, the brand is introducing a new collection of star stylers all formulated with the ground breaking technology of Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, plus a special POWER series of stylers containing AquaLastik, yet another innovation that transforms already high-performance products into a head-turning arsenal of style for professional stylists and everyday consumers. Every product in the collection is made with the ultimate in long-lasting hold, flexibility, shine and restylability, to perfectly compliment anyone’s everyday haircare regimen and elevate any stylist’s vision.
Luminous, long-lasting hold without a stiff or sticky feel. These next-generation stylers, including Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray, Power Whip Whipped Foam, Power Gel and Sculpting Gel deliver the ultimate in powerful yet flexible hold thanks to Joico’s exclusive AquaLastik technology, which forms a crystal-clear web of durable, humidity-proof hold that can be recharged and restyled for up to 72 hours.
“Hold, shine and flexibility are the holy trinity when it comes to hairstyling,” says Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney.  “With the new JOICO Power Series and range of styling products I can use heated tools to create beautiful, natural looking styles that stay put – this is what we’re seeing in the salons, natural-looking healthy styles that shine. And thanks to the formula’s flexibility, I can restyle and rework a look immediately.”
 The JOICO Power Series and new styling line join the award-winning reformulated range of problem-solution collections for every hair type, including K-Pak, Color Endure, Smooth Cure, Body Luxe, Moisture Recovery and Daily Care beginning in January 2013 in salons nationwide.  For locations and more information go to

[Images courtesy of Joico]

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