Bridal Makeup Artist Susmta Patel Provides DIY Camera-Ready Makeup Tips

Flowers, check. Dress, check. Photographer, check. Now all you need is the perfect look for the big day. Always remember that when planning to apply your own bridal makeup, what you see in the mirror may not necessarily be what you get on film. But have no worries, Professional Bridal Makeup Artist and Studio Sush owner Susmta Patel has provided tips that every bride should consider before the big day to achieve a flawless camera-ready look.

Practice Makes Perfect
Take the time to practice putting on your makeup prior to the big day and have a camera handy.  Snap away after completing the look and study the photo critically. Don’t put it to rest after one try— if you are not a professional makeup artist, experiment until you get it right!

The camera tends to capture oily skin. Be sure to moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer.  Let it sink in for a minute and then start applying makeup. Also, do not experiment with a brand new/newly-tested, moisturizer on your skin to avoid any surprises.

Blend and Match
Wearing a beautiful strapless gown? Room lighting may be tricky. Look hard and close, and make sure your neck and chest match your face color. Pat some powder on your chest and neck to even out your tone. Before doing so, insert paper towels securely into your dress and let it cover your neckline to avoid a powdered messy dress! Be sure to blend the foundation around your neck and hairline to avoid apparent multi-colored skin in photos. Steer clear of shimmery bronzers and blush; they do not translate well on camera.

Paint Those Lips
Natural lip color or applying sheer gloss is a no-no for the big day. Color on your lips will bring life to those still photos. Lip gloss should be applied on top of color, not substituted for lipstick.  To make your lip color last, prior to applying lipstick, line and fill in your lips with lip liner.

Bridesmaids are girl’s best friends and “foundation,” in more ways than one. So pass along a wedding day touch-up kit to your favorite girl. Be sure to include the essentials—lipstick, eyeliner and powder/foundation. Have her keep it throughout the night and remind you to refresh your makeup so your photos look good— from beginning to end!

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