Hairstyle How To: Hair Accessories and Braids

The difference between neutral old-fashioned locks and a fully completed look is in the accessories. Even elaborate hairstyles like these rad milkmaid braids are perfect topped off with simple drugstore hair accessories. Hairstylist Sonna Brado, KMS California Artistic Director from Jaazz Salon, explained her process for styling this thick mane: “I did a French braid on top and then the expanded fishtail on the ends and I thought the metallic barrettes were the perfect accent.” Want to create this look yourself? Check out this how-to.

Step-by-Step How To:
1.) Part hair down the middle, starting at the part, create 3 strands and twist clockwise.
2.) Wrap the hair counter clockwise and add to each side like you would for a French braid. 3.) Work down to the nape and then secure.
4.) From there, switch to a fishtail braid with very fine sections and before securing the ends loosen the braid by pulling gently from the bottom up.
5.) Finish with KMS® California HAIRSTAY® anti-humidity seal.

[Image: KMS California]

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