Makeup How To: MUD Mascara Fan Brush

Sometimes all a girl wants are long-lasting natural eyelashes. Instead she ends up with clumpy, flakey, messy eyes. Get right to the very root of the problem using a technique professional makeup artists at Make-up Designory (MUD) swear by: The Fan Brush.
This tiny fan-shaped brush is a great alternative to mascara wands. Unlike a mascara wand, the 100 percent synthetic fiber bristles of the brush apply color to each lash from the root above and below to the outer tip. The flat shape allows for a superfine, smooth, clump-free finish.
Here are MUD’s quick tips on how to maximize the Fan Brush benefits:
1.     Carefully squeeze a small amount of MUD’s Squeezable Tube Mascara directly from the wand to the Fan Brush.

2.     Load both sides of the #500 Mini Mascara Fan Brush with color about halfway down the bristles.

3.     Start with your upper lashes by sweeping the brush outward, over and under the lashes, emphasizing on the lashlines.

4.     Continue application and come up from underneath working the roots from the inner corner to the outer edge. Avoid clusters by blinking whilst brushing.

5.     Finish off by applying to lower lashes for a doe-eyed look. Clean after every use with a professional brush-cleaner or baby shampoo.

Insider’s Tip: Use this method to squeeze the last bits of the mascara on the Fan Brush when it’s time to throw away the tube.
Synthetic Brush #500 and Squeezable Tube Mascara are available for purchase on

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