Clean Cut

Clean CutGlossy strands snipped to perfection dazzle on the Zac Posen catwalk.

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Designer: Zac Posen

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

One thing’s for sure: Zac Posen designs for women with spellbinding curves. You couldn’t call his hourglass vixens “square” or “straight edge,” not only because they have what Fergie so lovingly dubbed “lumps” and “humps,” but also because it takes true chutzpah to wear Posen’s body-conscious clothes. So why the square, straight-edge, lump-and-hump-free strands?

It all comes down to polished perfection: Both the detailed clothes and hair are impeccable. To grace models’ existing locks with a flawless finish, Posen’s mane man, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Recine, adheres thin, sinewy extensions, and then cuts a clean, blunt line one inch below the girls’ natural hair lengths. “We’re not adding the extensions for fullness or length,” he says, wielding the only styling product used backstage, L’Oréal Professionnel’s runaway (and runway!) hit, infinium hairspray. “Rather, we’re simply using the extensions to get rid of any layers the girls might naturally have. This style speaks to a more classic, geometric look.”

Running super-hot flat irons over the tresses as he sprays shine-inducing infinium on the hair, Recine snaps the lanky locks into the straightest possible shape while encouraging unparalleled gloss. No lumps, no humps, and certainly not too “square” for Posen’s curvy girls.

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