Purely Intentional

Purely Intentional Born-of-the-earth products are proving irresistible to A-list clients.

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Myrrh extract. Murumuru butter. Tamanu oil. Top-tier consumers are having a love affair with pure-and-natural beauty products. Whether this trend toward nature’s best is due to concerns about global warming, worsening allergies and skin sensitivities, or simply the belief that when it comes to beauty Mother Nature knows best, a growing number of high-end salon clients are baring their green streak by clamoring for products with a natural slant.

Growing at a pace that promises to one day eclipse the natural food sector, demand for natural-based beauty products is soaring. Formulas that kick chemicals like parabens and sulfates to the curb and are infused with botanical extracts and minerals that gently cleanse, heal and moisturize clients’ most precious beauty assets, have become the expected standard for natural-based products. Moving beyond these parameters, natural-based beauty companies are striving to develop more effective synergistic blends of natural ingredients that will allow their products to go toe-to-toe with the best chemically enriched beauty goods on the planet.

—Jeryl E. Spear


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