High-Society Hairstylist Shares His Story of Success in "Hairspray, High Heels, and Second Hand Smoke"

What happens behind the chair, doesn’t always stay there.

“Hairspray, High Heels, & Second Hand Smoke” takes us through hairdresser Frank Meyner's journey of cosmetology. From a life-changing move to Fort Worth, where he assisted well-known stylist Phillip Totter at one of the most prestigious retailers in the country (Neiman Marcus) at just twenty-years-old, to his humorous tales of styling the who's who list of patrons at his own salon nearly three decades later, we are captivated by grace, wit, and humanity.  Meyner's warm-hearted retelling of big hair and even bigger personalities offers an entertaining glimpse into styling the upper echelons of Fort Worth society and all the eccentricities that come with it.  After 37 years in the business, it’s safe to say he has a word—or two—of advice to offer.

Paperback copies available on amazon.com for $21.99 or Kindle for $9.99.

[Image courtesy of Frank Meyner]

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