David Raccuglia Reveals How to Talk to Male Clients

American Crew founder David Raccuglia shares his expert advice on communicating with the men in your (salon) life!

Male stylists: Talk to your male client using words like strong, hip, cool, lean, authentic, cool, vintage and different, to describe their new style

Female stylists: Use words like handsome, attractive and hip to not only describe but to sell-in their new style.

Think about the dialogue ahead of time so you have ideas of what you might like to say.

Move slowly with change, talk things out and get questions answered beforehand.

Use pictures from books and magazines to help illustrate the style you have in mind.

Urge men to bring in pictures of similar styles they like, keeping in mind you can adjust the style to fit their personality and image.

Understand the client and stay within the classic arena if you are unsure of their style

Male stylists: Try to be too much of a friend, remember that the client values your expertise

Female stylists: Act too pushy.  Feel the male out first, as many times men have a hard time saying no to a woman, making it easier to give him a haircut he will not like.

Push fashion or trends on clients without knowing their style.

Send your client into panic mode with too much change at once. Start with a new style, then next time a new product, small changes make for a happy client!

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