Hairstyles How To: Smooth and Shiny with a Tight Finish

Getting hair smooth and shiny without creating volume at the root is easy with this technique from Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue.

Tools: A comb and the Sam Villa Signature Series SLEEKR flat iron.

·       Apply Redken Iron Silk 07 at a minimum of 6 inches away from the section.
·       Place the fine teeth of the comb into each section from underneath at the scalp area with the teeth facing toward you.
·       Position the outside of the flat iron on top of the teeth of the comb and slowly comb through the section with the outside edge of the iron on top of the comb.

The minimal amount of heat emanating from the casing of the iron smoothes hair close to the scalp area without fear of burning clients. Remember to move the iron slowly—it’s all about the slow pass, not the compression, in this case. Traditionally, irons are used open and the width of the plates create a bump at the scalp. Keeping the iron closed and on top of the comb does the trick!  See this technique on video:

Sam Villa – Hair
Geneva Cowen - Art Direction/ Hair Color
Shalem Mathew – Photographer, Mitch Kitter/Assistant
Paula J. Dahlberg – Makeup
Pascal and Jeremie – Fashion Stylists
Hair Assistants: George Garcia, Andrew Carruthers, Tina Calzarretta and Mary Urban

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