Simply Smooth Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

Stylist Bridget Cook turned to Simply Smooth on the set of the upcoming release of The Campaign, starring Will Ferrell. Since Will Ferrell wore a wig for his role, Bridget mainly used the Simply Smooth original shampoo and conditioner every day on him. Will took to using it on his own, and aside from the fact that he loved the line's fresh smelling aromas, he also liked that it made his hair nice and soft. Bridget is also using Simply Smooth for her new project You Are Here, starring Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis.  

Seasoned hairdresser Yolanda Mercadel requested Simply Smooth upon production of her latest project, a thriller called Nothing to Fear starring Anne Heche and Clancy Brown. What are her favorite backstage go to products? Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion, xtend keratin replenishing spiral gel, xtend keratin replenishing toning shampoo and xtend between dry shampoo.


[Images courtesy of American Culture]

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