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Some may say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. To which I say: Why not? Change is good, especially when it comes to this industry. Take Vidal Sassoon—without him, we’d still only be doing roller sets. (I know, some of you are still doing roller sets, but not exclusively.) Without Chris McMillan changing things up, we’d never have heard of The Rachel, and if Oribe hadn’t done things differently, would supermodels have risen to superstar status in part because of their larger-than-life manes?

So you may have noticed we’ve changed a few things around here. From our logo to last page, we’ve fine-tuned what works and tossed what didn’t. It’s been a painstaking process, but so worth it. In fact, reevaluating every single aspect of every single page inspired me to reevaluate myself. For example, I recently visited Cherry Petenbrink’s studio at Salon Republic, and she gave me an amazing color, complete with her signature technique, Flash Effects. It was definitely a change and, I kid you not, never have I received so many compliments on my hair as I have since then. It’s made me want to try other changes. Bangs are the hottest look around, and I’ve toyed with the idea of trying them out. Luckily there’s a host of fringe-spirational images in this issue (like “Trendspotting” on page 50) and we’ve even got a suggestion for clients like me who may not be ready to make the final cut—just check out “Quick Tips” on page 156.

Why not let this wave of change influence some aspect of your business? Perhaps it’s something as small as remembering to smile whenever you answer the phone, or something big, like a salon makeover. Whether it’s big or small just remember: without change there is no innovation, and without innovation, we stagnate. That’s not good for business or beauty. After all, even Jennifer Aniston changed the haircut that changed the world.

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Amy Dodds

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