Hair Tips: Get "The Great Gatsby" Hairstyle Glamour

With Daisy and Jay reprising their classic love story in the latest film version of The Great Gatsby, flapper-era chic is all the rage.  Want to add some Gatsby-style glamour to your client's hairstyle?  Here are some tips…and all that jazz!

ur hair into 1-inch horizontal sections and wind each section horizontally around a curling wand or closed iron.  Clip each curl in place, let your hair cool, then unfurl the coils.  Gently brush out the waves, backcomb with a medium-tooth comb to encourage party-all-night fullness and mist with Biolage Freeze Fix Hairspray.

form three “flapper curves,” starting from your hairline and working back.  Gather the rest of your hair into a side pony, coil it into a tight bun, secure and spritz with Matrix Total Results Amplify Hairspray.

nd blow dry.  Smooth strands with a flat iron for a head-hugging effect and pop on a glittery headband for true ‘20s authenticity. 


[Images courtesy of Matrix]

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