Pin Striped Redhead

Color visionary Marcus Daniels (Giuseppe Franco Salon, Beverly Hills) “pin stripes” musician-client Ginger’s hair with fine lines of vibrant color for brilliance onstage and off.

How to Create the Look:

• Begin in the nape area with a large triangle section in the center, elevate up vertically and cut horizontally with Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shears.

• Isolate an oval umbrella section in the crown area.

•Isolate a triangle section in the fringe area, high point of the head to the corner of the eyes.

•Connect two areas with a horseshoe section.

•Isolate the left and right front side areas.

•Elevate back center area vertically and cut horizontally.

•Over direct the left and right side areas to the back area and connect into the horizontal line of the back area.

•Elevate the oval umbrella section diagonal with entire section pinched to center and point cut for a soft edge diagonally.

•Weave and cut with blending shear throughout haircut to achieve desired texture.

Apply Redken Wax Blast 10 and blast dry for a choppy, satin/matte finish with body and dimension.

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