Show Your Metal

Only Hue Show Your MetalYour clients’ makeup deserves a metal—metallic finish, that is!

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Precious metals’ value is soaring, and makeup artists couldn’t be more pleased.

Radiant copper, bold bronze, pretty platinum, 24-karat gold—even lavender-laced pewter and soft rose-gold—enhance eyes and highlight cheeks.

Encourage clients to succumb to the allure of sparkling glitter; when layered over liquid liner, as seen at the Milly runway, the added glint serves to subtly brighten the face.

Embolden your feistier ladies by applying shiny flecks atop a dark shadow base, as seen at Baby Phat, to update the somewhat staid smoky eye.

Glitter sounding too artsy craftsy? Settle them in for a shimmer rush with mica-packed cream or powder highlighters, perfect for building a luminous visage—the ultimate in shine art!

Did you know…?

Craft glitter is made of either metal or glass, which can tear the skin. Additionally, the dyes used can cause a whole host of health issues, from skin irritation to eye infections. Cosmetic-grade glitter—which is FDA-approved for use in cosmetics—is cut polyester with FDA-compliant dyes (visit for info on cosmetic additives). Educate your clients to ensure that they never use craft glitter on their faces—no matter how much money they might think they’re saving.


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