Classy Brides

In Jean Sweet’s Classy Brides collection, three brides receive very different ’dos. “Our team found inspiration from three different sources,” says Sweet. “We looked to styles sported by Hollywood stars on the red carpet for one model; for another, we focused on our own variation of the ’50s/’60s flip; and for the last look, we created a modern version of a geisha style.” --Alyson Osterman-Kerr


[Credits: Art direction and photography: Jean Sweet; makeup: Crystal Thomas; fashion styling: Amber Pape, Cynthia's Consignments. For Caitlin (retro): Analie Papageorge, Steven Papageorge Academy and Hair Salons. For Brittany (Hollywood): Alex Garcia, Foxy by Alex Garcia. For Suzanne (geisha): Lori Clark, C'est Moi Salon]

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