A Gentleman’s Bet

A Gentleman's BetAmerican Crew gambles on refinement and polish at  Duckie Brown—and wins.

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Designer: Duckie Brown

Products: American Crew

At Duckie Brown’s Spring 2008 showing, grown-up men oust the favored man-child of seasons past. After all, isn’t the boyish dude more suited to mastering an ollie and playing beer pong than caring about tailoring, clean lines and fit?

American Crew creative director Craig Hanson, the mastermind behind the Duckie Brown ’do, says, “‘Classic Crew’ are the buzzwords for men’s hair in 2008.” And certainly many gents will dig this return to classically groomed styles as their fashions and surrounding culture ditch casual Friday in exchange for more streamlined, buttoned-down looks in 2008.

“We focused on the return of handsome and wholesome looks for men,” Hanson continues. “Think of the ’50s, well-groomed Harvard man; the hair is clean and dry with a prominent side part.” American Crew stylists Roger Mace, Janelle Eide and Erica Grabczyk worked hair into the dashing hairstyles, applying American Crew Firm Hold Gel and Tea Tree Firm Hold Styling Cream to allow for master manipulation and superior hold without any dulling. Hanson calls these products “placement products” that grant the user total tress control.

But will those who cradled the man-child look last season be able to make the switch to the gentleman’s club? American Crew is betting on it. The styles created for Duckie Brown “look done in a natural way,” says Hanson. “The basic element of this look is control, whether it be with a part, a defined style via comb or brush, or simply a tapered nape. The look is easy to emulate as long as the shape is tall, lean and masculine.”

Score This Look

Go from Backstreet Boy to Harvard hottie with these American Crew staples.

Firm Hold Gel: For ultimate hold. Bonus! Works best without a blow dryer, making it low-maintenance. 

Tea Tree Firm Hold Styling Cream: Provides lasting hold and low shine.

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