Homme Improvement

Homme Improvement You can remodel him. You have the tools to build him into the perfect specimen. Sharper, cleaner and sexier than ever before.

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Lynne Luciano, author of Looking Good: Male Body Image in Modern America, laments, "Look at America’s historical heroes—cowboys and frontiersman who didn’t give a damn how they looked or what people thought of them. That’s what we should value…not fussing about ourselves.”

Lament away, Ms. Luciano. The male sex symbol with the etched face and steel gray hair is as dead as the Marlboro Man. So are metrosexuals, for that matter.

In their stead are übersexuals who may not ask if their butt is too big, but still make sly, sideways glances in the mirror to ensure that it stays in check. Übersexuals are überpremium salon clients who are committed to uncompromising quality in all areas of their lives—including the services they receive at the hands of their stylists and the products they use. Even mainstream sex symbols like Russell Crowe fancy facials and wouldn’t dream of leaving home without their signature mussed looks.

Becoming gender benders of mammoth proportions, manly men who meticulously groom their hair, skin and nails are the new male sex symbols. Ah…there can never be too many men like Russell Crowe.

—Amy Dodds and Jeryl E. Spear

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