Ageless Beauty

Ageless BeautyA slew of antiaging haircare, skincare and makeup products promise to help your boomer clients look eternally youthful.

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In days of old when boomers were bold, brash and seemingly immortal, their everlasting beauty (or at least they assumed it would be) was never brought into question. They were the war protestors, the muscle behind the women’s lib movement, and the brains behind everything from personal computers to cell phones. Today, with many poised to apply for their Social Security benefits, boomers have mobilized their vast numbers to become a veritable age-resistant army that’s driving beauty and medical research  aimed at keeping their bodies, as well as their minds and spirits, young.

And while other industries are witnessing plummeting numbers due to the recession, the legions of antiaging researchers, pro-age medical experts and age-defying stylists are seeing their products and services continue to rise. In fact, the current U.S. demand for antiaging goods and services is continuing to grow at a mercurial 8.9% annually, while the likes of once-healthy industry giants, like car makers and home builders, continue their downward business spirals. (Sources: Packaged Facts; Market Research, Pfizer, Merck & Company)

Aside from availing themselves of the benefits associated with the latest ophthalmic agents and procedures, memory enhancers and juice-inducing joint medications, legions of boomers are also flocking to the salons they once cast aspersions upon for being metaphysically impure and philosophically opposed to nature. What do they want from you, the salon professional? Besides a youthful style, you’re the keeper of a treasure trove of effective antiaging skincare products and services that don’t require a physician visit, and a myriad of hair thickeners, polishers and bodifiers that can induce their now aging strands to once again look lustrous, thick and—granola be damned—downright glamorous.

—Amy Dodds, Karie L. Frost and Jeryl E. Spear

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