TransformersEveryone knows they’re out there—robots in disguise. For whatever reason, these women have settled into a beauty routine, mechanically styling themselves in the same way, day in, day out.

We decided to do something about it: pluck a woman from each coast and transform her from drab monotony to awesome fabulosity!

Our former intern Meredith Turley popped to mind—we had firsthand knowledge that the East Coast gal’s style was on automatic. But we were slightly stymied by whom to choose from the Left Coast, until a brainwave hit us: Craigslist.

All sorts of people “auditioned”—models only interested in using the “after” photos for their portfolios (one even demanded that her hair look like Heidi Klum’s!), already beautiful actresses hoping to look even better at auditions, and one guy—whom we nearly chose—who had just shed tons of weight and wanted a new look to celebrate.

Then we came across time-crunched, working mom Armee Jacob, whose modest and heartfelt appeal convinced us that she was the woman for the job.

So join us on our journey to destroy the evil forces of tedium with two fearless femmes whose makeovers awaken their inner goddesses and help them reenter the world totally amped and revamped!

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