Extensions! Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Extensions Bigger Longer and Uncut Individual fashion is taking a dramatic twist this season as hair extensions heavily influence everything from over-the-top ’dos for models and celebrities, to gorgeous mainstream styles.

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Hair extensions are spawning a pricey service category for savvy stylists as a growing number of clients want their hair thick, long, wavy or straight—and they want it now. Meeting the needs of the fashion-obsessed (and who isn’t these days), hair extensions allow clients to go from sleek and chic, to funky and punky without damaging their hair. Want to add more layers? No problem. Tired of layers? You can fix that, too. Why not suggest a few add-on highlights and lowlights to the mix and really spin heads as your client walks out the door?

Offering length, texture and dimensional colors without commitment, extensions provide the perfect solution for image-conscious clients who expect plenty of versatility in their hairstyles. This is particularly important this season when shorter styles are “in,” making extensions a must-have hair accessory for all trend-addicted gals who detest being tied to a single length or style.

—Jeryl E. Spear

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