Dream State

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Aveda's latest collection, Super Natural, bursts with vibrancy and fierce feminine energy.

Their world is one steeped in mysticism and ritual, encircled by raw nature and the ever-present roar of the Amazon. Driven by beauty and the environment, by preserving the Earth and all its bounty, the Yawanawa seek to draw enlightenment and inspiration from their surroundings. And it’s the tribe’s female shamans and their Dream Paintings that inspired Aveda global creative director Antoinette Beenders and her team to create the looks seen in their most recent portfolio, Super Natural. “I thought about the shaman’s yearlong spiritual journey—guided by Tata, the shaman elder, they find Vana, or the path, drawing power from Pawa, the sun, and the sacred Sepa tree,” Beenders relates. “We took these names as inspirations for our models.” The result is a study on the exceptional and unexpected characteristics of nature: “It led us to take big volume and texture to new, hallucinogenic heights,” Beenders smiles. “Think nature on steroids.” —Amy Dodds

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