As a lash artist, making women look and feel beautiful is your life.  Sadly, one in eight of those women you work on has—or will have—breast cancer. With this in mind, NovaLash created 50 limited-edition forcep sets, encrusted with pure pink Swarovski crystals to benefit the Pink Ribbons Project.

For $100, you can add the crystallized forceps to your luscious lash-making kit and know that $10 of your purchase will be donated to the Pink Ribbons Project, a Houston-based, nonprofit organization that fights to save lives and improve the quality of life of those affected by breast cancer.  By supporting mobile mammogram units, Pink Ribbons makes it possible for thousands of underprivileged women to receive the life saving scans.  Plus, Pink Ribbon actively uses the arts—co-producing and helping to fund a breast cancer musical, for example—to get the word out about beating breast cancer.

The NovaLash Pink Ribbons Project promotion begins the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month, October 1, and will continue as long as supplies last.  But with only 50 glamorously crystallized forceps sets available, act fast—they’ll be gone in a blink!


Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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