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As many of you know, once you have children, any sense of modesty goes out the window—especially when it comes to bodily functions. Changing diapers, potty training: It seems like it’s all poop, all the time. Nevertheless, I have to say, bathroom humor is funny. Really funny. So imagine my delight when I heard about The Daily Duty ( The brainchild of Alex Goodman, director of media at JPMS, The Daily Duty is a movement (ha!) designed to raise monies for a bunch of charities simply by doing what we all do (even the Queen of England, as my mom would say): using toilet paper.

The Daily Duty sends a case of 48 rolls of USA-made TP to your home, salon or office for—get this—no more than you’d normally spend. It’s true, I checked. On Amazon, 48 rolls of 300-sheet Angel Soft tissue were listed at  $43.50, plus $12.49 S&H, meaning the total is $55.99. Whereas from The Daily Duty, 48 rolls of 2-ply, 400 sheet TP cost a mere $34.99, plus $5 S&H, which means that the total cost is $39.99. So for less money, you get more and the relief of knowing that some of your hard-earned money is going to worthwhile causes instead of simply being flushed down the toilet.

Other plusses include: the paper is sourced from sustainable forests; it’s septic safe; and it’s BPA-free. You may well be wondering: Wait, my trusty toilet paper is potentially toxic? You bet your bottom dollar it could be. According to a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, 80 of the 99 toilet-paper-containing samples tested were found to include BPA, with researchers citing contamination during the recycling process as the culprit.

So this New Year, when nature calls, consider answering it with The Daily Duty. Make the world a better place by doing what you normally do every day. OK, I’m wiping this grin off my face now.


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