Saving the Best for Lash

Lately, I've been on a bit of a lash binge. There's just something so glamourous about batting a set of full, luscious lashes. Luckily, us beauty editors get to indulge our inner-most beauty fantasies, and I've had a chance to test drive a few fabulous options for the lash-obsessed. Here are my prime picks for pretty peepers:

ure they adhere to your lids and not your fingers.

Lash Perm: A friend of mine would not stop talking about the amazing lash transformation she found in a lash perm. I know it sounds crazy (and kinda bizarrely '70s), but I had to check it out for myself and sought out makeup artist (and lash perm diva) Nicole Burg for the treatment. I have to say, my friend was not lying. Thanks to the Lash Lifter Dolly Perming Tratment Kit, the roughly 40-minute process left my lashes perfectly curled (and will stay this way for about 3 months) and somehow looking longer. Who knew?uld last about 2-3 weeks before touch-ups, provided I take care of them properly (avoiding getting them wet for 24 hours, avoiding the use of mascara, heavy eye creams, direct heat and oil-based makeup remover, and making sure to brush them often to keep them lush). It's amazing how dramatic my new lashes are (no mascara required!), and yet they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. I may be a new devotee.
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