LP Guest Blogger Betsy Reyes: My Life as a Celebrity Stylist

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Betsy Reyes and I have been working in the entertainment industry for 11 years. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and how I got to where I am today!!

I started off interning at MTV, with no pay, and a year later I finally landed the position of key hairstylist. It was a dream job! I was in control of creating trends and styles. The hair was ever-changing and never duplicated on the show TRL. When the show ended 2 yrs ago, I jumped right into Gossip Girl and it's been my new home ever since. Like MTV, GG allows for me to be creative and innovative. While at Gossip Girl I have also worked on SNL and The Marriage Ref, and I am a guest artist with It&ly Hairfashion.

I am still working with my clients from MTV, doing photo shoots, public appearances, red carpet and all other events. During my free time I have my private clientele I do at home in NYC; when I say free time, I mean nights and weekends!

I am a hairstylist in all aspects of the word... I LOVE what I do, I love the creativity and the challenge. To have the ability to do something that you love and get paid to do it, spells success to me. This blog  is a way for all of you to follow me on my journey, the good and the bad, and hopefully encourage passion for beauty ;).



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