Aveda Sees Sustainability at Fashion Summit

Ever at the forefront of championing betterment for the world, Aveda created beautiful hair for Fashion Summit, held December 9 at the Copenhagen Opera House in Copenhagen.

The Fashion Summit, put on by the Nordic Fashion Association and the Danish Fashion Institute, highlights designers who use sustainable practices when making their lines. This year, the summit was held at the same time as COP15, the UN Climate Conference—a parallel not to be overlooked.

Backstage with Aveda at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2009 - Hair from Aveda Corporation on Vimeo.

While social responsibility in the global fashion industry was the summit's focus, beauty and design also took center stage. Danish designers' foreward-thinking threads matched up with a hair design inspried by '40s glamour that was fashioned by Aveda's lead styist Palma Sørensen of the Palma/Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Copenhagen.

Backstage with Aveda at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2009 - Makeup from Aveda Corporation on Vimeo.

Following the embracing of all things Earth, Aveda's lead makeup artist Annalisa Proto created a palette completely comprised of Earth tones. "The inspiration for the makeup was very much about a dramatic, yet natural look. We used Earth tones for a natural feeling with edge, and a hint of shimmer in the shadows to pronounce the features and contours of the face."


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