Joico's Clinicure Stylers Are Here!

Hairstylist Tammy Laimos of Minardi Salon gives her thinning hair clients a boost with Joico's new Clinicure Stylers at a NYC media event.


I’ve noticed lately that my shower drain has acquired a new stopper: my hair. And though I don’t notice my hair visibly thinning, I do know that my stress levels are high and my nutrient intake hasn’t been so hot. But as I learned at Joico’s Clinicure Styler event, there are so many different reasons hair says sayonarato your scalp. Joico director of communications Angelia Polsinelli divulged that genetics is the No. 1 cause of hair thinning, and that, yes, stress and trauma play a huge part in losing strands. Your environment, major life changes, hormonal imbalances and the medication you take can play into it as well.


Hairstylist Tammy Laimos of Minardi Salon in NYC was on hand to demonstrate Clinicure’s new stylers—Weightless Texture Thickener, Lifting Foam Volumizer and All-Day Dry Hold Finisher—on three of her real-life clients who suffer from declining strands. She touted the finisher as a godsend because “it has a great peppermint scent. A lot of people who are losing hair don’t want to wash their hair out of fear of losing more, so they need a great refresher. This is it,” she said.


“The biggest misconception is that hair loss is caused by mechanical means, like over-washing hair, styling or wearing a hat,” she added. “With these products, you can style with no worries.”


For the 30 million women and 40 million men suffering from hair loss, this is welcome news. Of course, having stylers built for thinning hair is only part of the solution; as Polsinelli noted, “salon clients with thinning hair should focus on three things—the right cuts, the right finishing techniques and the right styling formulas.  With the help of a knowledgeable professional stylist, it’s amazing how the appearance of this hair type can be transformed!”

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