Andre Walker Styles Oprah's Hair for Magazine's 15th Anniversary

Oprah Winfrey got glam in a gorgeous black and white cover to commemorate O, The Oprah Magazine's 15th Anniversary in the magazine's May issue. The lush look for her hair, swept dramatically over her shoulder, was created and crafted by her legendary, exclusive hairstylist, Andre Walker. The entire issue was transformed into a keepsake guide including a 6-page Oprah hair retrospective in which Walker shares some of the famous styles Oprah has donned over the past 15 years. Walker, the innovator of the original hair typing system (hair types 1a-4b), is the master stylist behind each of O, The Oprah Magazine's covers over the past 15 years.

Andre has been doing Ms. Winfrey's hair since 1985 and after decades of constant styling, Oprah says, Andre is "why I still have my hair." In the issue's feature, "The Mane Event," Andre's various styles are featured, ranging from pixies to up-do's to one VERY big afro, with insight from Andre on how to achieve these looks at home.

"The covers are always great experiences," said Ms. Winfrey. "I remember being in a waterfall in Puerto Rico with my hair wet and my clothes wet and I remember feeling like, 'Oh! So this is the glamorous life of doing magazine covers.'"

Says Walker, "From styling hair to making my own products, I love what I do! Oprah and I have been together over 25 years, and there's never a dull moment. The O Magazine covers inspire some of my best work, and being Oprah's exclusive stylist is a blessing in my life."

To honor his beloved client on this momentous issue, Andre is offering 15% off his luxury Gold System haircare products on from April 15-May 15.

[Images courtesy of PRNewswire]

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