Give Clients Temporary Color with Redken's New Color Rebel Naturals

For the client who's interested in switching up her hair color, but isn't sure about the commitment and upkeep involved, Redken offers a solution with its new, limited edition Color Rebels Naturals temporary hair makeup. Available in five shades, Color Rebels Naturals allows guests to test drive some of the hottest hair color trends of the season, including ombre, sombre, babylights, champagne, and rose gold. Using makeup technology with direct color pigments, Redken Color Rebel provides temporary hair color that washes out easily after two to five shampoos, depending on the hair’s state and porosity, allowing clients to try out a new look before fully committing. By adding Color Rebel Naturals to your list of services, you can help sway guests who are fearful of a drastic color change.

“Trends like ombre and highlights are the perfect solution to low-maintenance color which my celebrity clients, brunettes and blondes alike, are constantly asking for,” says Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham. “Color Rebel Naturals take these trends to a new level, making it easy to create a DIY ombre look, add subtle highlights or a touch of shimmer at-home and without the commitment!”
The new, limited edition Color Rebel Naturals shades include:

  • Knock ‘Em Blonde (blonde)
  • No Holds Brunette (brunette)
  • Hazel & Confused (hazel)
  • Rose Revolution (rose gold)
  • Call the Coppers (copper)

How to use Redken Color Rebel:
1. Prime the product by shaking well and twisting the cap in the direction of the arrows until the tip is saturated.

2. Apply Color Rebel to clean or day-after hair by gently pulling sections taut and applying in a smooth sweeping motion. Start with a light layer -- you can always add more to build color intensity.

3. Simply let hair air dry or blow-dry for faster results. Keep combing or brushing to a minimum after applying as this will break up the color pigments. Color Rebel washes out easily after two to five shampoos, depending on the hair’s state and porosity.

Tip: For a more subtle effect, dispense just a drop of product on the sponge tip applicator and use longer sweeping motions to apply the color in one thin layer to a smaller section of hair. Gently comb or brush each section to break up the color pigments.

[Image courtesy of 24 Seven Inc.]

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